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Video Homilies from Fr Chris

Father Chris is keen to use the medium of film to regularly share homilies of hope, joy, prayer and peace. Make sure you keep tabs on this page to hear his latest words of wisdom.

14th Sunday of Ordinary Time
ADDED Sunday 9th July 2017
Video Homily Archive
Sunday 16th July 2017
Sunday 9th July 2017
Sunday 2nd July 2017
Sunday 25th June 2017
Sunday 4th June 2017
Sunday 28th May 2017
Sunday 21st May 2017
Sunday 14th May 2017
Sunday 7th May 2017
Sunday 23rd April 2017
Sunday 16th April 2017
Sunday 16th April 2017

It is now possible to join in the masses held at Sacred Heart church on Sundays (9.30am), Wednesdays (10am) and Fridays (10am) by accessing our live webcam.

So if you or someone you know is housebound or ill and unable to come to mass but have a computer, tablet or phone able to connect to the Internet, masses can be viewed here.