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River Power Pod Project

People are starving – You can help them to change their lives!

Millions of people around the world live without access to water or electricity. River Power Pod has technology that can help them to provide themselves with sustainable power and water for drinking, washing, and irrigating crops; it just needs flowing water. Our technology and training can empower local teams of all ages and backgrounds, enabling them to manufacture, install and maintain turbines for their communities – transforming living conditions, creating employment, and generating income.

Severe shortages of food, clean water and sustainable energy in parts of Kenya are hitting the poorest people hardest of all, leaving families to face drought conditions, hunger, and poverty without the resources we all need to live and to raise healthy families. In some areas children (mostly girls) are walking for hours with almost-lame donkeys to collect water. More than half of Kenya’s population has no access to electricity; yet fast-flowing rivers with untapped potential run through these lands. With a little help these families and communities can be healthy and self-reliant.

The River Power Pod (RPP) can provide accessible, achievable means to produce electricity or pump water where most alternatives cannot. RPP is a patented in-stream hydro-turbine, drawing energy from flowing water without damming, diverting or altering the natural flow of the river. Ideally suited as a remote power solution, it is transportable, scalable, and can be rapidly deployed and or relocated. RPPs are easy to install and maintain using widely available materials and methods.

Our project will help to build a sustainable solution based on a small team of local young women and men trained to make, install and maintain RPPs. The team will be able to make and maintain the turbines as part of their sustainable enterprise.

Supported by the local expertise, skills and track record of CAFOD and the Salesians, this enterprise will be locally owned and managed, using initial contributions of training, skills and financial support to help transform communities and schools.

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