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Latest Good Shepherd News
Updated 29th November 2018
Children Help Happa
UPDATED Friday 2 September 2016

When the children of the Good Shepherd Parish heard about the plight of some of the horses and ponies rescued by Happa (Horses and Ponies Protection Association) they decided to put their pocket money together to raise £48.00 to give Kingdra, one of three young horses which were rescued together, a second chance of a happy healthy life. The money will go towards food and vet bills for a whole year.

A trip to Happa was organised for 27th August 2016 and as you can see from the photo’s below, thirteen children were able to meet and make a fuss of their Parish pony.
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During their trip the children were given a tour and introduced to a lot of the horses and ponies that Happa is caring for at the moment. As a special treat the children were allowed to see the isolation unit which all newly rescued animals have to go through. They were shown the horse shower and the huge dryers that can be used from the smallest little Shetland to the biggest of cart horses. They were also able to see the inside of horse box which from the outside looked a bit like a Tardis. It just didn't look like it could carry two horses at once with room to spare.puretime
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They finished their day with an ice cream in the visitor centre then a short visit to the play area before setting off home. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon and some will definitely be making a return journey. After all as it’s a local rescue centre it only takes fifteen minutes to get there which is really handy should anyone want to visit our Parish Pony.intime replica watches

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