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Sunday Mass & Service Times

9.30am - Sacred Heart, Colne
11.15am - Holy Saviour, Nelson
6.00pm - SS Peter & Paul, Barrowford

Weekday masses and confessions as announced in the weekly newsletter

Baptisms and marriages by appoinment

It is now possible to join in the masses held at Sacred Heart church on Sundays (9.30am), Wednesdays (10am) and Fridays (10am) by accessing our live webcam.

So if you or someone you know is housebound or ill and unable to come to mass but have a computer, tablet or phone able to connect to the Internet, masses can be viewed here.

Welcome to the parish of the Good Shepherd

If you are new to the area or to the parish, then welcome, so am I.

I arrived here in September 2017 and found a very warm welcome from the parishioners and congregations in all three of our churches. I sincerely hope that that is, or will also be your experience.

In my first week here, there was a "directed retreat" and so I joined in. It was a tremendous introduction to the life of the parish. It was heartening and encouraging to be reminded that we are all fellow travellers along a path which twists and turns and goes through different ups and downs for each of us, and yet is ultimately heading in the same direction. And the exciting thing is to be reminded that we all have the same Fellow Traveller walking along with us.

Hearing different people talk about their experience of recognising God in the different circumstances of their lives and knowing that people are talking privately in twos during the week, sharing the highs and lows of their spiritual journeys was so encouraging. We are not alone and not the only ones who experience the need for and at times the presence of a living God. We need reminding that this does not make us "odd". It actually makes us "real".

I hope that that is what our parish is, continues to be and develops even more strongly. A friendly, welcoming group of people who help each other to find God and to walk with him, knowing him to be a loving, infinitely merciful and welcoming companion as well as Lord and Saviour.

Please God we will continue to grow as a people who celebrate a living God in Jesus Christ, under the power of his Holy Spirit, and please God you will enjoy being one of us.

Father Peter

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19th December
16th July
15th Sunday of Ordinary Time